HOW to use the WGP MINI UPS?

How to use WGP MINI UPS 12V


1.Connect suitable adapter to UPS input port IN.

2.Then equipped the ups and device by dc cable.

3.Turn on the ups switch.


WGP Router Ups Mini

Suggestions for using WGP UPS DC

1.Battery Charging and Discharging Work Environment :0℃~45℃

2.PCBA Charging Work Environment : -20℃~65℃

3.Battery Capacity between 40%~60%, storage 30days:-20℃~45℃

4.Battery Capacity between 40%~60%, storage 90days:-20℃~35℃

5.Every 3~5 months charge the UPS once

6.Do not expose themini UPS in the rain or snow.

7.Do not use or leave the mini UPS near a heating source as fire or heater.

8.Do not connect the DC cable in wrong way.

9.Do not use the wrong voltage adapter.

10.Devices voltage must be matching with the mini UPS voltage.

11.Please leave away this mini UPS from children.

Suggestions for the use the WGP MINI UPS

WGP router mini ups can give uninterrupted power to your network system, monitor system and access system to keep your devices working normally when in power failure.

WGP Router Ups Mini

Post time: Nov-27-2023