Welcome Bangladesh Customer comes to our Factory and office

We are leading mini ups manufacturer with over 14 years experience in this field, mini ups is our first product, we focus on mini ups and related backup battery, our factory located Shenzhen Guangming District with branch factory in Dongguan city.


We export our mini ups products to all over the world, especially Africa, Asia, Europe and America countries, welcome to visit our factory, if you are willing to pay a visit.
Recently, we got many Asia customers visit to our office and factory, they all came for WGP mini ups for resell, especially Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Lebanon countries, as WGP brand is states as a good quality brand and service in their market.

If you are in China and want to visit us, please let me know in advance before you come.
Firstly, please tell us when you plan to visit with detail times, where is your location in China and which method you will get to our factory, if you are not familiar with Chinese travel ways, you can tell us your location or where is your hotel, we can apply our company to pick you up or book a didi you.
Secondly, please let me know your business line and how you plan to sell the mini ups in your market, are you sell together with your device or just import and distribute to shops and others ways. Most importantly, whats is your future plan if you sell good and look good this mini ups market.
Thirdly, what is your topic of this visit to us? Do you want to check our reality of our factory capability, or you want to know the quality control of our factory, or maybe you want to know how is mini ups market in this industrial and other countries, we are willing to share the information and discuss the future going of this fields.

In a word, welcome to visit us for any business purpose, we will try our best to support you best to have a win win cooperation.

Post time: Jun-14-2023