WGP 103B multioutputs mini ups

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mini UPS 103B has a capacity of 10400amh, and also has a multi-output function, which can supply power to a variety of different devices. It has 5V 2A/9V 1A/12V 1A output voltage power supply, which is suitable for most For equipment, 103B has a longer backup time and can effectively provide charging services.


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Product name MINI DC UPS Product model WGP103B-5912/WGP103B-51212
Input voltage 5V2A Charge current 2A
Input Features TYPE-C Output voltage current 5V2A,9V1A,12V1A
Charging time 3~4H Working temperature 0℃~45℃
Output Power 7.5W~12W Switch mode Single click on, double click off
Protection type Overcurrent protection, short circuit protection UPS Size 116*73*24mm
Output port USB5V1.5A,DC5525 9V/12V
USB5V1.5A,DC5525 12V/12V
UPS Box Size 155*78*29mm
Product capacity 11.1V/5200mAh/38.48Wh UPS Net Weight 0.265kg
Single cell capacity 3.7V/2600mAh Total Gross Weight 0.321kg
Cell quantity 4 Carton Size 47*25*18cm
Cell type 18650 Total Gross Weight 15.25kg
Packaging accessories 5525 to 5521DC cable*1, USB to DC5525DC cable*1 Qty 45pcs/Box

Product Details


The product has 10400mah and can power multi-output devices, such as wifi routers, smartphones, cameras and other devices. It is an integrated multi-output MINI ups. One unit is worth three units, which is extremely convenient.

The output voltages are: 5V/9V/12V, which can power three devices at the same time. Many users say that this product is much more portable than most single-output products because it has three output ports and is compatible with multi-output function of voltage.


The battery is 18650 li-ion batteries, and a battery protection board is added, which effectively provides effective protection for the product and increases safety performance.

Application Scenario

With wgp mini ups, the whole family has peace of mind.


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