WGP Emergency Backup Battery

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WGP512A is a large-capacity mobile power supply developed by the company based on energy storage emergency power supply for outdoor or lighting. This emergency power supply is suitable for a variety of outdoor equipment, which can power LED light belts, LED light belts, cameras, and small toy cars. It is very popular in the outdoor market, consumers reflect that WGP512A is connected to outdoor bulbs. Can power more than 12 hours, long working hours!

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Product name WGP512A Product number WGP512A
Input voltage 12.6v 1A recharging current 1A
charging time 4H output voltage current USB 5V*2+DC 12V*4
protection type With over charge, over discharge, over voltage, over current, short circuit protection Working temperature 0-65℃
Input Features DC5512 Switch mode Click Start and double click Close
Output port characteristics USB +DC5512 Indicator light explanation The remaining power displays 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%
Product capacity 88.8WH(12*2000mAh)
Product color black
Single cell capacity 3.7V Product Size 150-98-48mm
Cell quantity 6 PCS/ 9 PCS/ 12 PCS Packaging accessories Charger *1
Instructions *1
Cell type 18650li-ion single product net weight 750g
Cell cycle life 500 Gross weight of a single product 915g
Series and parallel mode 3s FCL product weight 8.635kg
box type corrugated box Carton size 42*23*24CM
Single product packaging size 221*131*48mm Qty 9pcs/carton


Product Details

mini ups

The input voltage of this large-capacity mobile power supply is 12.61A, the output accepts USB 5V*2+DC 12v*4, the output is many, to achieve the simultaneous use of multiple devices, can supply power for multiple devices, easy and no burden, when there is no electricity outdoors, you can charge the device at any time, compatible with large.

The battery used by WGP512A is lithium battery 18650, and the protection board is added to the battery, which is guaranteed in terms of safety performance, preventing product overcurrent, excessive current and other damage, and you can rest assured in terms of quality ~ our products have CE/FC/ROHS/3C environmental protection certificate, professional certification endorsement, so that you can buy more assured.

ups for wifi router

Application Scenario

ups 512A

WGP512A has four 12V DC ports, which can power LED lights, LED lights, cameras, and small toy cars. 2 USB ports can power mobile phones and tablets; Due to the large capacity of the product, long backup time, easy to carry, and many outputs, it is widely used in outdoor hobbies and outdoor riding, night fishing and other scenes.

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