1202Amini ups for wifi router

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WGP 1202A UPS is designed to power one device and is specially designed for special use. This product is very popular in the Asian and Latin American markets and can solve the power consumption problems of WiFi routers, cctv cameras, Modems, and ONUs during power outages!

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Accessories: UPS*1, one-to-two DC line*1, with a one-to-two DC line, it can solve the power demand of two devices at home, and you can connect an ONU+ router.

Another biggest feature of Mini ups is that they are small in size and easy to carry. They can be used at home, in the office, or in supermarkets without taking up too much space.

mini ups
DC12V mini ups

We also understand the concerns of our customers. They are more worried about the quality of the product and whether the current is stable during use. When developing this UPS, we made a battery protection board to make the current more stable and prevent overcurrent when the battery is powered. Overvoltage, surge and other problems.

Application Scenario

1202A can power supply for: cctv camera, WiFi router, modem, ONU and other equipment.


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