Large Capcaity DC 12V UPS

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What is MINI UPS? UPS can provide uninterrupted power supply to your devices when there is a power outage. For example, when there is a sudden power outage in your home, the WIFI router cannot work normally. After connecting to MINI UPS, your WIFI router can work normally again. Got it! 30WD is WGP’s large-capacity smart UPS. It can provide 12V3A voltage and current output for your equipment. It has a capacity of 184WH and can power equipment for more than 12 hours. According to statistics, daily power outages in most areas of Africa, South America, and North America last more than 10 hours. 4H, this product can power your equipment for a long time. Click for consultation and you can get a free booster cable when you buy a sample.

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mini ups for wifi router

This DC12V UPS has a 12V output port, and the voltage and current are 12V3A respectively. The biggest advantage of the smart UPS is that it can intelligently match the current of the device. When the UPS recognizes that the connected device is 12V1A, the UPS will intelligently adjust the output current. Adjusted to 1A, any 12V device within 3A can be connected to this UPS, which brings convenience to users.

The backup time of UPS can reach at least 8H, and the backup time will be different for different equipment. The single-output 12V UPS can power 12V3A, 12V2A, 12V1A, and 12V0.5A equipment, with a capacity of 184H, guaranteed!

Capacity UPS

This smart large-capacity UPS has a built-in 18650 battery cell and is available in 4 capacities:

1.12*2000mAh 88.8wh

2.12*2500mAh 111wh

3.20*2000mAh 148wh

4.20*2500mAh 185wh

Different capacities and different backup times can be customized according to your needs.

Application Scenario

This is a large-capacity UPS with intelligent current recognition, which is suitable for 99% of the electronic power needs of equipment and is widely used in various communication fields such as security monitoring and network communications. Paired with this large-capacity UPS with long backup time, it can instantly supply power to your equipment and restore normal working conditions, solving your power outage worries.


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