WGP High Capacity 12V Mini dc ups for wifi router

Short Description:

This is a 12V single-output large-capacity smart dc ups. The maximum output current of the product can reach 3A, the maximum power can reach 36W, and the maximum capacity is 185wh, inside with 20pcs 2500mAh 18650 li- ion batteries. We can easy to know if the ups works well through the switch and it working status.

During the design and development, the ups can be intelligently matched with load, which also means ups could automatically adjust output amperes based on devices’ need, in this way both ups lifetime and the backup time will be longer.

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mini ups 30WBL

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This smart ups has only one DC 12V3A output port, with a switch and a working indicator light display, which can intuitively understand the working status of the product. The modified product can automatically identify and detect the current parameters of the connected device. When the connected device is 12V1A, the The UPS will intelligently recognize the equipment parameters, and only give the equipment a current output of 1A, which ensures that the service life of the equipment and the backup time of the product are not affected.

The smart ups supports identification of multiple current outputs of 12V3A, 12V2A, 12V1A, 12V0.5A, the internal structure can accommodate 20*2500mAh battery-saving cores, the maximum capacity can reach 185wh, the maximum output power is as high as 36W, and the backup time is as long as more than 5H.


(The intelligent large-capacity UPS has built-in 18650 batteries, and there are 4 capacities to choose from:)

1.12*2000mAh 88.8wh

2.12*2500mAh 111wh

3.20*2000mAh 148wh

4.20*2500mAh 185wh

Different capacities have different backup times, and you can choose customized products according to your needs.

Application Scenario

This is a large-capacity UPS that intelligently recognizes the current, which is suitable for 99% of the electronic power requirements of the equipment, and is widely used in various communication fields such as security monitoring and network communication. Combined with this large-capacity UPS with long backup time, it can instantly supply power to your equipment, restore normal working status, and solve your power outage troubles.


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