Wide range of applications for WGP USB Converter

The communication, security and entertainment electronics you rely on every day are at risk of damage and malfunction due to unexpected power outages, voltage fluctuations or other electrical disturbances. WGP USB Converter allow you to connect the devices you need to power to a power bannk or adapter. They are essential when you need to power devices or systems that operate at different voltage levels and require a higher voltage output. Powerable devices which include networking devices such as routers, fiber optic cats, and home intelligence systems. Security devices which include CCTV cameras, smoke alarms, punch cards. Lighting devices LED light strips.

In our daily life, WGP USB Converters are common 9V and 12V cables, 12V step up cable connects one end to 5V power supply, the other end can power 12V devices, normally routers, cameras, ONU, fingerprint punch cards, smart door locks. 9V step up cable also connects USB to 5V power supply, and the other end connects to 9V devices, common modems, IP camera, MP3, LED light strip and so on.

This WGP USB Converter, according to customer feedback, the overall experience is still very good, suitable for use where needed, can be very effective in changing some of the experience. For example, some only a socket place, but need to place routers, optical cats, switches and other multiple devices, this step up cable is very convenient to use. All you need is a power adapter with multiple USB ports and you can easily power it up.

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Post time: Jan-29-2024