Step up cable for wifi router 5V to 12V

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When using electricity at home, do you often encounter power outages, but the mobile power supply happens to be 5V and the electrical equipment is 12V. The two devices cannot be connected. In this case, even if there is a mobile power supply, it will not be able to power the device. . After Richroc understood the market situation, it quickly responded to customer needs and developed a 5V to 12V boost line, which can connect 5V power supply and 12V equipment to solve your power needs.

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step up cable


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step up cable

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overcurrent protection

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gift box

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435*420*275MM(4mini box=box)


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booster cable

Converting 5V to 12V can solve the problem of users not being able to connect the 5V power supply to 12V. This product is sold in supermarkets around the world and is very popular. Hurry up and order it!

The booster cable is convenient and quick to use. The compact booster cable does not take up much space. It starts working as soon as it is plugged in. It is also very convenient to store. It is convenient to store when going out or connecting device.

5V TO 12V
step up cable

double-injection mold the connector of the booster line to make the joint more solid and firm. It will last longer and will not be easily disconnected and cracked during use. We also designed an output on the connector. The voltage label allows users to know what the output voltage is at a glance, making it easy to use.

We adopt a white and simple style for the packaging design concept. It is very beautiful when sold on supermarket shelves. Many customers like this kind of packaging. Welcome to order!

cable for wifi router

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