usb dc 5v to 9v step up power cable

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This is a 5V to 9V boost cable. The function of this boost cable can connect the 5V output power to the 9V input device, so that the adapted power supply can power the device. It is suitable for remote controls, fans, and routers. , speakers and other small home appliances, with exclusive and unique WGP logo design, the brand is guaranteed, allowing your users to purchase with confidence

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5V to 9V step up cable


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step up cable

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overcurrent protection

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gift box

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435*420*275MM(4mini box=box)

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usb boost convert cable

As you can see in the picture, our booster line can power 9V devices. The length is designed to be 800M. Even if the distance is far, the device can be easily connected. The operation of the booster line is simple and easy. After linking, it is It can be powered and is easily portable and can be taken out at any time without any trouble.

The input of the booster cable is USB5V and the output is DC9V. We have printed a 9V logo on the connector, which allows buyers to see at a glance what the voltage of the product is. It is also popular in supermarkets, making it easier for buyers to determine which voltage to buy step up cable.

usb boost cable 5v to 12v
usb boost cable 5v step up to 9v

When our company develops the booster line, we double-injection mold the connector of the booster line to make the joint more solid and firm. It will last longer and will not be easily disconnected and cracked during use. We also designed an output on the connector. The voltage label allows users to know what the output voltage is at a glance, making it easy to use.

In terms of packaging design, we adhere to the concept of simplicity and beauty and use white tones to make the overall look elegant and clean. The voltage of the booster line is marked on the text of the packaging so that users can understand at a glance how to use it .

cable usb 5V  9V
5v to 9v cable

See detailed properties and voltage, current and product specifications.

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