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Richroc’s 15-year-old source factory supports ODM customization services, and its professional business team solves communication needs. Its 15-year professional R&D and design team meets customers’ customization needs. It integrates customization from communication-R&D-design-production, and samples can be produced in the fastest 35 days!

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ODM services

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ODM mini ups  for wifi router

Available customization services: Appearance, special functions, packaging and other designs can be met to meet customers' special function customization needs for products.

From communication - R&D - design - mold opening - production, it only takes 35 days at the fastest to produce samples. Our professional team serves your ODM customization needs.

ODM UPS services

During the product development process, a professional quality inspection team with 15 years of experience ensures the quality of the product and ensures that the products after development and production are of good quality when delivered to buyers!

Application Scenario

See the successful case for details. The equipment is used for CPE power supply. The user's requirement is to change the logo and add an on/off key to make it easier to control the use of the UPS. After detailed communication, we develop, design and produce for customers, and finally deliver the goods with customer satisfaction!


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