WGP smart mini ups for WiFi router no break ups 12V

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This UPS203 MINI UPS has 5 DC output ports, 5V 9V 15V 12V 24V, which can solve the power outage problem of 99% of electrical equipment;
Owning one WGP MINI UPS is equivalent to owning 6 MINI UPS. One machine has multiple functions and is widely used.
It also has a 5V USB output port, supports mobile phone charging, and can be used as a mobile power supply;
It can also provide you with continuous power needs at any time when you are outdoors, because this MINI UPS supports 12V solar charging, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power.

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Product name MINI DC UPS Product model UPS203
Input voltage 5~12V Charge current 1A
Charging time 12V IN 3H Output voltage current 5V1.5A, 9V1A, 12V1.5A, 15V1.2A, 24V0.75A
Output Power 7.5W~18W Working temperature 0℃~45℃
Input Features DC5521 Switch mode Click switch
Output port USB 5V/DC5525 5V/9V/12V/15V/24V UPS Size 105*105*27.5mm
Product capacity 11.1V/2600mAh/28.86Wh UPS Box Size 150*115*35.5mm
Single cell capacity 3.7V2600mAh Carton Size 47*25.3*17.7cm
Cell quantity 3 UPS Net Weight 0.248kg
Cell type 18650 Total Gross Weight 0.313kg
Packaging accessories One to two DC lines Total Gross Weight 11.8KG/CTN



Product Details


UPS203 capacity 7800mah, inside battery pack is assembled with 3x 2600mah 18650 li ion cells.
It with 2 charging methods: solar powered and AC powered, users can choose charging method flexiblility based on needs, which makes ups always online for powering your equipments.

This product supports USB output. When you are outdoors and your phone is low on power, WGP MINI UPS can charge your phone like a portable power bank.


UPS203 mini ups not only has multiple output ports, it can provide power support for 99% of equipment.
The exquisite outer packaging can be seen at a glance in supermarkets.

Application Scenario

Since UPS203 has multiple output ports, it can support power supply for multiple devices at the same time. In many families, wifi routers and cameras are installed. When there is a power outage, the network equipment will stop working, which will seriously affect work efficiency and life experience.
At this time, just connect this UPS203 MINI UPS, and it can instantly provide Power your equipment and return to normal working condition, solving power outage troubles for you. This MINI UPS also supports solar charging. When you go out for a picnic, this MINI UPS is a portable power bank, because it can also continuously charge your mobile phone while charging by the sun.
So, this is a multi-output MINI UPS that is worth buying, which brings more convenience to your life.


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