MINI UPS ODM for wifi router and ONU

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ordinary MINI UPS cannot meet the needs of customers. They need ODM customized products to meet their special equipment use. Richroc has been specializing in MINI UPS for 15 years and has a mature team to receive customers to communicate customization needs, to develop and design products. From production to processing, we are responsible for the entire chain! We have customized products for many customers, such as function, packaging, product appearance customization needs, etc. You can completely trust us and we will provide you with satisfactory services!

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What customizations can we make?

① Product shell customization;
② Laser logo customization;
③ Capacity voltage and current customization;
④ Product packaging customization, etc.

Why can we do the above customization? Because we have a professional reception team, design team, and production team.

Many dealers come to us for customization needs. These are two customization cases. The customer needs to change the product logo to his own logo and increase the power of the UPS so that the UPS can power the water separator.


We can not only meet customers' needs for product appearance customization, but also meet customers' needs for capacity, such as changing the 12V output port to a 9V output port, upgrading the capacity from 10400mAh to 13200mAh, etc.

Application Scenario

Customizing an ODM product is inseparable from a strong production team. We have a production team with 15 years of experience. There are 17 steps in total from mold opening, testing, production, quality inspection to packaging, and each step is strictly controlled. Control to ensure that the products are usable and of high quality when they reach users.


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