Smart UPS high Capacity for DVR cctv camera

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30WDL 12V3A is a large-capacity UPS uninterruptible power supply, suitable for 95% DC equipment, especially suitable for equipment such as WiFi routers that require continuous and stable power supply. The battery life can exceed 12H. In addition, the battery core uses 18650 lithium-ion battery as the energy storage unit. The built-in protection board design effectively prevents safety hazards such as overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit, etc., ensuring safety during use and extending the service life of the product.

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30WDL is a large-capacity UPS suitable for 95% of DC equipment. Wide compatibility: It can cover the vast majority of DC equipment, from small household electronic products such as timers and routers to commercial CCTV cameras and IP cameras, reducing the need to purchase multiple devices due to different power requirements. UPS troubles. When the mains power is interrupted, the UPS can immediately and seamlessly switch to battery power to ensure the continued operation of these critical equipment and avoid data loss or service interruption due to power fluctuations or interruptions.

30WDL is a large-capacity UPS with a battery life of up to 8 hours. During a power outage, a UPS can ensure that your WiFi router continues to work and maintain the Internet connection at home or office, which is crucial for remote work, online education, video conferencing, smart home control and other activities that rely on stable networks. Avoid network interruptions caused by sudden power outages, protect ongoing file transfers, cloud synchronization or online transactions, and reduce the risk of data loss or damage.

smart UPS for camera

This product is exquisitely designed and focuses on user experience. Through four indicator lights with different functions, it is convenient and convenient.The input port for charging and the built-in output line feature ensure efficiency and flexibility of use.

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30WDL 12V3A is a large-capacity UPS uninterruptible power supply designed for long-term power supply needs. It is especially suitable for providing services to devices such as WiFi routers that require continuous and stable power supply. This 30WDL UPS not only provides reliable power guarantee, but also takes full consideration of battery safety and durability. It is an ideal choice to ensure the continuous operation of important equipment, especially for networks such as WiFi routers that need to rely on stable power for a long time. Communication equipment.

smart UPS for DVR

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