WGP mini ups dc poe Power Supply Mini Ups For Wifi Router 5v 9v 12v 24 mini ups

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POE04 mini ups supports 2*DC, 1*USB, 1*POE three output ports. DC supports 9V, 12 output, POE supports 24V/48V output, the maximum current 1.5A, output power up to 14W. Internal structure is composed of 2*4000mAh 21700 cells, capacity of 29.6Wh. POE interface can be connected to various gateway devices, keep the electricity and internet

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Product name MINI DC UPS Product model POE04
Input voltage 110-240V Charge current 415mA
Input Features AC Output voltage current 9V1A,12V1A ,5V1.5A,24V0.45A /48V 0.16A
Charging time 11.3H Working temperature 0℃~45℃
Output Power 7.5W~14W Switch mode Click switch
Protection type Overcurrent protection, short circuit protection UPS Size 160*77*27.5mm
Output port DC5525 9V 12V,USB 5V,POE24V/48V . UPS Box Size 168*140*42mm
Product capacity 7.4V/4000mAh/29.6Wh UPS Net Weight 0.277kg
Single cell capacity 3.7V/4000mAh Total Gross Weight 0.431kg
Cell quantity 2 Carton Size 45*44*19cm
Cell type 21700 Total Gross Weight 13.66kg
Packaging accessories 5525 to 5525 DC cable*1, AC cable*1 (US/UK/EU optional) Qty 30pcs/Box

Product Details


POE04 mini ups There are power switch button and power working indicator light, which can intuitively observe the working state of the product, the front is USB 5V, DC 9V, DC12V, POE24V / 48V output port; the side is AC100V-250V input port.

POE04 mini ups is composed of 21700 cells with 2 * 4000 mAh capacity. The light weight and high density of the electric core makes the overall weight lighter.


POE04 mini ups Support 24V / 48 V POE interface, which can power your IP phone, IP camera and other POE interface devices.

Application Scenario

POE 04 is a multi-output mini ups, which meets the power demand of multiple devices. With this mini ups, you can instantly power your device in 0 seconds, restore the normal working state, and solve the power failure trouble for you. Suitable for all kinds of shopping malls, office buildings, households and network monitoring equipment for entertainment venues..


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