WGP MINI UPS for ONU WiFi router CPE and Wireless AP

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POE04 supports mini ups with 2*DC, 1*USB, and 1*POE output ports. DC supports 9V and 12V output, POE can choose 24V/48V output, the maximum current supports 1.5A, and the maximum output power can reach 14W; the internal structure is composed of 2*4400mAh 21700 batteries with a capacity of 32.56Wh. The POE interface can connect to various gateway devices and can maintain power supply even when the network is disconnected.

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MINI UPS for wifi router

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mini ups poe

POE UPS can provide power to devices for more than 7 hours. It is compatible with routers of different voltages. 9V12V routers, 24V CPE, and 48V wirelessAP can all be used. MINI UPS can provide power to devices when power is cut off.

The POE04 mini ups has a power switch button and a power working indicator light, which allows you to intuitively observe the working status of the product. The front is the USB 5V, DC 9V, DC12V, POE24V/48V output port; the side is the AC100V-250V input port. The POE04 mini ups supports 24V/48V POE interface and can power your IP phone, IP camera and other devices with POE interface.

mini ups 5V9V12V24V48V
mini ups a battery

POE04 mini ups is composed of 2*4400mAh 21700 battery cells; the battery cells are light in weight and high in density, making the overall weight lighter, and the battery cells use Class A

Application Scenario

POE04 is a multi-output mini ups that can meet the power needs of multiple devices. With this mini ups, your devices can be powered instantly in 0 seconds and restored to normal working state, solving your power outage worries. It is suitable for network monitoring equipment in various shopping malls, office buildings, homes and entertainment venues.


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