MINI UPS 6 output 5V9V12V12V19V for wifi router ONU

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Product details page content: This is a UPS with 6 output ports, which can power DC and USB devices. It can power devices with different voltages at will. The UPS has DC5V, 9V, 12V, 12, 19V, and USB5V. , and the UPS is small and convenient, and is very convenient to use at home. The UPS accepts solar charging, which can save electricity for users.

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mini ups

UPS 203 can power a variety of devices with different voltages: such as 5V9V12V12V19V, 13200mAh capacity can power the device for more than 10 hours, 203 can power routers, cameras, ONU and other devices!

The biggest feature of UPS 203 is that it can provide power for multiple voltages, including USB5V, DC5V/9V/12V/12V/19V, and six output ports. When powering the device, the LED display light will light up to show the power level, making it easy to use.

UPS for wifi router onu
mini ups multiple output

The capacity is 13200mAh. Experiments have proven that the USB can be fully charged for smartphones in 40 minutes to meet the needs of mobile phones. The battery used is Grade A battery with a long service life and is not false.

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Two DC to DC cables are included in the package!


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