WGP POE DC wide voltage Mini UPS

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POE03 mini ups supports AC100V-250V input, 2*DC output ports and 1*POE (1000Mbps) output. It supports DC 5V, 9V-12V wide voltage output, POE 24V output, maximum current 3A, output power up to 30W. The internal structure is composed of 3*2600mAh 18650 cells, with a maximum capacity of 28.86Wh. If need bigger capacity can be customized according to the demand. Its wide voltage characteristics can be matched with a splitter cable to connect multiple devices at the same time.

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Product name MINI DC UPS Product model POE03
Input voltage 110-240V Charge current 1.2A
Input Features AC Output voltage current 5V1.5A,9-12V3A, 24V0.6A
Charging time 2.5H Working temperature 0℃~45℃
Output Power 7.5W~30W Switch mode Click switch
Output port DC5525 5V/9V-12V、POE24V UPS Size 105*105*27.5mm
Product capacity 11.1V/2600mAh/28.86Wh UPS Box Size 205*115*50mm
Single cell capacity 3.7V/2600mAh UPS Net Weight 0.266kg
Cell quantity 3 Total Gross Weight 0.423kg
Cell type 18650 Carton Size 52*43*25cm
Protection type Overcurrent protection, short circuit protection Total Gross Weight 17.32kg
Packaging accessories One to two DC cable*1, AC cable*1 (US/UK/EU optional) Qty 40pcs/Box


Product Details


POE03 mini ups has a power switch button and power work indicator, you can use this MINI UPS according to demand, through the work indicator display at any time to grasp the working status of the product, 5V DC interface can only be used with 5V set, 9-12V DC is a wide voltage output port, can be automatically identified according to the voltage of the device, to better meet the device matching degree.

POE03 mini ups wide voltage 9-12V DC output port can be used with the complimentary splitter DC cable, which can connect a 9V and 12V device at the same time.


POE03 mini ups is an upgraded product, POE uses a 1000Mbps interface, Gigabit Ethernet high-speed multi-layer packet forwarding capability is a strong example of the best performance-to-price ratio that Gigabit Ethernet technology can offer, making network transmission faster.

Application Scenario

POE03 mini ups has 3 different voltage output ports, the maximum power can reach 30W, and can connect multiple devices at the same time. Suitable for webcams, WiFi routers, IP phones and other devices, applied to a variety of shopping malls and network security areas, to solve in the event of a power failure, the device can work normally, bringing greater convenience to life.


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