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The WGP103 is a portable mini UPS that supports multiple DC 12V and 9V outputs as well as USB 5V output.
It has two types of output ports, supporting three different voltage and current levels: 5V/2A, DC 9V/1A, 12V/1A. This model can meet the diverse needs of customers for powering different devices.
Built-in 4-cell 18650 (2000mha/2200mha/2600mha) lithium battery to power the Mini Ups battery for Wifi router, the maximum power can reach 25W, and the backup time lasts for 2-8 hours.
Mini ups capacity can be customized according to needs;

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Product name MINI DC UPS Product model WGP103A
Input voltage 12V2A Charge current 0.6~0.8A
Input Features DC Output voltage current 5V2A/9V1A/12V1A
Charging time 5~7H Working temperature 0℃~45℃
Output Power 7.5W-25W Switch mode Click to start, double click to shut down
Protection type Overcurrent protection, short circuit protection UPS Size 116*73*24 mm
Output port USB 5V2A + DC 9V/12V;        
USB 5V2A + DC 12V/12V;
USB 5V2A + DC 9V/9V;
UPS Box Size 205*80*31mm
Product capacity   UPS Net Weight 260g
Single cell capacity 3.7V2000mAh/3.7V2200mAh/3.7V2600mAh/
Total Gross Weight 354g
Cell quantity 2 PCS or 4 PCS Carton Size 42.5*35*22cm
Cell type 18650 Total Gross Weight 18.32kg
Packaging accessories USB-DC cable*1, DC-DC cable*2, adapter*3 Qty 50pcs/Box

Product Details


WGP103 mini UPS is a multi-output portable DC mini ups that supports three different voltages
USB port can power 5V 2A devices
For two DC ports, you can choose according to your specific needs;You can choose 9V +9V, 12V +12V, 9V +12V;

The WGP103 mini UPS has three different voltage outputs;
USB port can power 5V 2A devices;
For two DC ports, you can choose according to your specific needs;
You can choose 9V +9V, 12V +12V, 9V +12V;
For network telecommunication system, security system like WIFI router,cctv camera.


Built-in 18650 lithium battery, which can be continuously charged and discharged. The backup time of mini ups is more than 8+ hours;
The safe and reasonable structural design ensures the maximum use of the product and greatly saves material costs while ensuring the function of the product.

WGP103A mini ups comes with 2 free DC adapter cables, and the exquisite outer packaging makes the product more beautiful;


Application Scenario


The WGP103 is commonly used in various networking monitoring and security fields. It provides reliable battery backup power during power outages and offers protection to prevent damage caused by lightning strikes or accidental power grid surges.

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